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Rédaction sur l'électricité (1)

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Rédaction sur l'électricité
Message de esmax666 posté le 17-06-2008 à 22:53:20 (S | E | F)

hello tout le monde
Je me suis trompé je vais surement devoir faire une analyse sur la part de l'énergie renouvelable pour l'électricité.

Pourriez vous le regarder je passe jeudi matin

Merci beaucoup,c'est super important

The aim of this report is to describe the main point in which we must to be careful for the future energy that the Sweden will use. Firstly we will see their energy policy, next we will see the alternatives energy that we can use to cover the requirement, then we will see the financial and economic repercussions of their decision. And to sum up, I will give my final opinion

Reasons for their decision:
In fact, they don’t want to be dependant of fossil energy . Even they don’t reject CO2, the nuclear powers reactor reject wastes which is not easy to stock. Indeed, they can affect the environment. Furthermore, it’s not a renewable energy, we can only find it in limited quantity.
People need more and more energy and that’s why we can see that the total energy supply is increasing. Specially in nuclear but not the oil because the price is rising. The part of hydraulic energy remains the same during this last years because they don’t have enough of place.

Alternatives proposed:
Currently, mostly of energy are supply with nuclear and oil plat. They try be careful with energy produced by oil plat because it reduces the ozone layer and so increase the global warming and the greenhouse effect. This environmental disaster doesn’t come only from the road traffic and their exhaust fumes. New renewable energy capacity coupled with more effective use of energy efficiency could replace in the future many nuclear and oil plat in order to reduce the CO2 emission.
Fortunately, the government would like to build some wind turbine. Indeed, they generating emission-free electricity that saves around 1 million tons of CO2 a year compared to emissions from a coal-fired plant. In addition, they would like to increase the renewable energy capacity with solar panel and biomass. However they can’t produced a lot of energy with solar panels whereas the biomass is a solution with a good potential.
In fact all country can’t have the same renewable energy, it depends of the location. Some countries have a great potential in wind power such as in Sweden and other with biomass … In France, they try to have a biggest part of electricity powered with wind power (en France, il essaye d’augmenter la part d’energie protuite par le vent) but in fact they are really far from the germany with produce 18000MW
It’s good to add some law such as the Kyoto protocol which contribute to have a cleaner world

Financial and economic repercussions:
In order to have more money it will be good to increase taxes on energy use and emissions.
Even the majority of people want to have a renewable energy, the main problem is to supply energy with a completive price, it doesn’t must to be too expensive.

In fact, it’s very expensive build an installation wing energy and it’s the same for the solar panel because they need a high complex manufacturing process. It’s one of the problem that it’s not easy to produce electricity with renewable energy. In addition, we must adapted the network to connect the news installations (il faut adapter les réseaux électriques pour pouvoir rajouter les nouvelles installations)
The good point is that they created new jobs and the cost of renewable energy is decreasing think new technologies.
To add, more and more countries begin to install turbine and solar panel, so the companies produce them more and it’s cheaper, and there is now some company which is specialized to install this kind of device. At the beginning the cost was at 8,6pence/kwh and it’s now at 3,5pence/kwh

To conclude, some countries try to have an electricity production basically with fossil free and emission free such as Sweden. It must be an example for another country.
I guess that it would be a great idea to increase the number of installation which produces electricity with renewable energy. Indeed we need more and more energy and we can’t trust about the fossil energy. Currently they contribute in large part to global growth but modern renewable energies should cover between 5 and 10% of energy needs in 2025

Modifié par mariebru le 17-06-2008 23:01
Titre (rien ne se fait dans l'urgence sur le site)

Réponse: Rédaction sur l'électricité de laure95, postée le 18-06-2008 à 18:58:45 (S | E)
- in which: about which.
- must to be: must est suivi de l'infinitif sans to.
- going to à la place de tes will pour annoncer ton plan.
- the laternatives energy.
- repercussions: consequences.
- my final opinion: enlever final.
- even: pas à la bonne place.
- specially in nuclear but not the oil: à la suite de la phrase précédente.
- this last years: these.
- enough of place: enlève of.
- mostly of energy are supply: le sujet est au singulier!!! Most of the energy.
- they try be: to entre les 2 verbes.
- their exhaust fumes: le possessif est par rapport au possesseur et non par rapport à l'objet possédé.
- they generating.
- they can't produced.
- all country: all the countries.
- depends of: depends on.
- the germany: pas d'article aux noms de pays.
- which contribute: sujet au singulier!!!
- it doesn't must be: doesn't et must sont incompatible.
- it's very expensive build: il manque to avant build.
- we must adapted.
- the news installation
- so the companies produce them more: ?

Réponse: Rédaction sur l'électricité de esmax666, postée le 18-06-2008 à 19:06:07 (S | E)
ah merci 1000fois!

so the companies produce them more: ?

ben oui l'entreprise produit plus d'éolienne donc le cout est moins grand

they generating
je dois mettre "they generate"?

it doesn’t must to be too expensive.
--> it must not to be too expensive?

Je dois mettre comme ca? je trouve un peu étrange
Firstly we going to see their energy policy, next we going to see the alternatives energy that we can use to cover the requirement, then we going to see the financial and economic repercussions of their decision. And to sum up, I will give my final opinion


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