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Bac/Myths and heroes

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Bac/Myths and heroes
Message de rex38 posté le 14-05-2015 à 19:13:03 (S | E | F)
j'ai mes oraux prochainement et j'ai besoin d'aide pour m'aider à corriger mes fautes.. Pourriez vous m'aider s'il vous plait ? ;)
Merci d'avance

I am going to talk about the notion of Myths and Heroes. First of all I would like to give a definition of this notion. A myth can be defined as a traditional story concerning the history of a person, a natural or social phenomenon. It can be a popular belief, a tradition but also a false notion.
A hero can be defined as a person of superhuman qualities who is admired for his courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. It can also be a role model or an icon. To illustrate this notion I have chosen to explain why stars are considered first as a myth but also as heroes.

Until 1910, Hollywood worked without any stars, the studios hid their names not to increase their wages : they feared that if the actors were known to their audience they would ask to be paid more. Before, each actor or actresses who was under contract could only work with the studio which had hired him or her. But when stars were discovered, they were what drew the viewers : the more popular an actor or an actress was, the higher the number of tickets sold.
In the thirties, stars were considered as a myth. For example, even if Chaplin died more than thirty years ago (in 1977) he is still remembered by everybody. In the world of cinema, viewers need movie stars since they allow them to identify themselves to outstanding men or women. To become a movie star, an actor or an actress needs obviously to be gifted. Furthermore, he or she needs to be courageous since it's difficult to break through in the competitive world of cinema. Movie stars have a lot of influence on people since they are considered as a myth. However a myth is also a false notion. Thus, some journalist think that stars don't have as much talent as they used to. They will wonder whether they are disappearing, if they aren't losing their influence and prestige. Since the late nineteen twenties, historian and journalists have foreseen the death of movie stars, they have predicted that they could be gone. Indeed, viewers found that the movies were better when stars didn't speak because they had to be able to express feelings without speaking. Thus, as soon as, the actors or actresses spoke in movies, some became much less popular than before when the viewers found out that their voice sounded unpleasant because a lot of them came from Eastern Europe countries such as Germany or Hungary, so they had a harsh accent.
Moreover, currently, thanks to modern technologies, like computer graphics, studios can shoot movies without having to pay stars. For instance, Avatar succeeded in earning millions of dollars without any known star. The producers don't need any stars so that their films are successful : so stars are no longer necessary.

Despite this “eclipse” people are still interested in the life of stars which look like icons. Indeed, since the beginning of mankind, some people have distinguished themselves by their actions, or their qualities and are considered heroes in society and in people's minds. For instance, during the Second World War, some stars behaved as heroes and urged people to keep hope. Some actors were involved in the struggle against Nazi Germany, they committed themselves to defeating Hitler. For example, James Stewart took chances flying a bomber plane over Germany. Or Charlie Chaplin in "the dictator" who fought Hitler and Nazi Germany thanks to the use of humor.

To conclude stars have always been considered as a myth since viewers need movie stars to identify themselves to outstanding men and women.
Even if, some people have foreseen the death of stars, they are still considered as idol. And some of them, are seen as hero since they committed themselves to defeating Hitler for example.

Modifié par lucile83 le 14-05-2015 22:18

Réponse: Bac/Myths and heroes de laure95, postée le 16-05-2015 à 13:48:23 (S | E)
-Before, each actor or actresses: EACH +SINGULIER.
-the number of tickets sold: à mettre au passif
-Thus, some journalist: à mettre au pluriel.
- any known star: même remarque.
- are considered heroes: LIKE heroes.
- in society: ajouter THE.
- James Stewart took chances: pas de "s".
-they are still considered as idol: à mettre au pluriel.
-And some of them, are seen as hero: même remarque.

Good job!
Reformule ta conclusion pour ne pas être répétitif.


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