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Essay/Last Chance

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Essay/Last Chance
Message de makram69 posté le 28-10-2015 à 13:20:17 (S | E | F)
Bonjour tout le monde,
Mon professeur d’anglais nous a donné un devoir maison où nous devons écrire un essai sur un texte de Douglas Kennedy, Last Chance.
J'ai rédigé. Mais maintenant je le poste sur le forum pour savoir si quelqu'un pourrait me corriger les fautes de grammaire, syntaxe...
Merci pour vos réponses.
Voilà mon essai:
This text is an extract of the book “The Moment” of Douglas Kennedy published in 2010. The history occurs during the Cold war during the A merican- Soviet confrontation and one attends the emergence of a bipolar world. This extract tells the story of a woman and ofhis/her friend, Florian who have flees East Berlin, which is communist and where settled a dictatorial regime to settle in West Berlin, which is as for him capitalism and democratic.
Through this works, we go firstly ask us why the two main characters leaves their country and secondly we will express our opinion compared to this difficult decision: What do you think about this decision? What they can be blamed for? What would you have done in similar situation?

Axe 1:
The two main characters want to flee characters want to flee East for the West of Berlin for many reasons. First of all, the narrator explains that the opponent with the Communist regime and those which do not respect the Warsaw Pact (1955) can be locked up in “Socialist prison camps” like Cuba, Albania or North Korea. It is an unimaginablething for it, like it says it under the tone ofhumour because over there, in these camps, it will not be able to smoke: “I know they will could put on the ‘No Smoking‘ ” (l.30-31). Moreover, the two characters are doubtful compared to the regime and the future: “doubtful about the mode, about the future” (l.66)
These doubtful will appear true because in 1991, following many instabilities, the Eastern bloc crumbles and is divided into several independent states.
And finally, in this dictatorial regime, the citizens in general do not have any more freedoms. These last all are controlled by the State. For example, in the text, various place are put under listening: “place might have been bugged” (l.79)

To flee in the West, the two characters have to cope with many compromises like leaving theirfamily (mother, father and daughter), not to re-examine its family after the destruction of thewall or also the fear of reprisals of the Stateagainst their family. For example, while fleeing, the narrator is afraid for the career of father. After having presented the reason of their departure as well as the things which they have of giving up, I now will give my opinion on this decision.

Axe 2:
I think first of all that it is not about an easy decision and that it is necessary to take with the light one.
However, it can acts of a good decision if one wants to change mink to see the“unfavourable” regime with the citizens of the East. Let us recallthat, Florian is journalist, perhaps whom it goesto the West with his friend to write a work where itwrites the reality of thecommunist mode dictatorial and then itclandestinely will publish it in the East. As Isaid previously cettedifficile decision is to be moderated, one cannot so easily slice.
If I were under this same condition, this choice would have been particularly difficult for mebecause indeed, the two characters must leavetheir family and perhaps that it does not have it will not re-examine: “ I sensed I would not be seeing them again for a very long time” (l.49). But however, if these only solution to advance the things, I will not hesitate only one second.

To conclude, which is treated in the text with knowing to change country for does not matter that it reason arrives the every day hasmany people for reason policies, cultural, to have a better life.
The history of the text does not point out the film “the life of others” which proceeds in East Berlin where many artist will try against the State to show the “truth-face” of the mode

Modifié par lucile83 le 28-10-2015 15:44


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