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Correction/CCTV cameras

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Correction/CCTV cameras
Message de pierrearcade posté le 02-06-2018 à 20:35:43 (S | E | F)
Bonsoir !
Je viens de terminer mon oral d'anglais (pas type Bac mais presque) que je dois envoyer à ma prof sous forme audio pour mardi !
C'est un devoir sur les CCTV et la question c'est "est-ce que ça en vaut le coup" en gros.... Voilà je vous joint mon texte merci d'avance les bilingues !

Oral CCTV Cameras
The use of CCTV camera, a electronic system of surveillance start during the world war II. CCTV means Closed-Circuit Television
During 1980, United Kingdom became the 1st countrie in the world to generalise camera surveillance because of IRA’s attacks.
UK rest actually the most camera-happy country in the EU and London is the most camera happy city in the world. Every day, Every British is filmed 300 average times.
In France we can see more and more CCTV camera. For exemple in private place, in store, on the streets in front of shops and many others.

We can ask us if CCTV worth the cost
So, i will present the for and the against

I- 1st :We can constate than CCTV is very helpful in a lot of situation
Cameras are here to dissuade criminals from acting and the drugs passage because of pictures filmed by cameras are used by the police to trace crimes and offenses. For exemple since 2005 the Gibraltar detroit is monitored by cameras.
Road traffic offenses are also sanctioned through the use of surveillance systems.
Cameras allow the police intervene more quickly in case of robbery and in same time, limit the police presence.
Moreover, we can consate that technological advances make cameras more and more efficient.

Recently, a new concept of cameras is in being implied in big city : Talking camera !
The talking cameras make the city cleaner by reprimanding passerby when they throw gabage on the public highway. It's a 100% effective way because people feel intimedated and obey.

It is important to remember that the law avoids abuse by limiting the keeping time of video recording

II- However the use of CCTV can be challenged
In particular, the effectiveness because only 3% of crimes are solved thanks to CCTV (according to the british police)
why ? For several reasons :
1st : Unlike the human presence, a camera haven't a big dissuasif effect.

2nd : The very expensive cost can be better used when looked at interception made because cameras dissuade the delinquents from committing crime in a zone but they go out of this surveillance zone to commit them.

3rd : The picture quality and the Field of vision limit effectiveness of cameras

In addition to ineffiency, there is a ethnic problem : CCTV is an invasion of privacy of people, for example the day of a Londoner can be restored with all of cameras who having filmed it.
Citizen have the impression to be watched twenty-four hours a day and the presence of cameras is felt like an oppression.
Indeed in graet Britain there is 1 camera for 14 inhabitants.
To finish, CCTV is a connected system and like all connected system, he can be hacked.

To conclude :
For me, the use of CCTV's role is to ensure our security but it deprives us of our privacy, our freedom and our rights. So they must be used but with moderation and not everywhere!

Voilà !! Merci d'avances !

Modifié par lucile83 le 02-06-2018 21:04


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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