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Correction /myths and heroes

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Correction /myths and heroes
Message de lilis3511 posté le 21-04-2015 à 22:29:06 (S | E | F)
voici mon texte pour mon oral en anglais et j'aurais besoin d'une correction pour pouvoir m'améliorer s'il vous plait.
Merci pour vos réponses

I am going to talk about the notion of myths and heroes. A myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition which incorporates the ideals and the institutions of a society. And a hero is a legendary figure often endowed with a big strength or a skill, a person admired by its qualities. He can be imaginary or real. The myths and the heroes are references in whom the human being fastens to exist, to live his human condition. The vision which each has of a myth or a hero is different according to the people, the cultures and the times. In the same way, we noticed that narratives, examples and criteria evolve over and cith the societies which change. We can also ask ourselves Why are myths and heroes important to our society? To answer this question I will present that they make dream , then that they can masks a painful reality, finally that they are sources of cohesion social . In our society, some heroes make dream population, from 1 to 99 years old. But it is not since some years that this figure appears. Even in ancient times, some heroes like Achille represented a model for all the population, thanks to his role during the war. Like we can see in the document “Batman steps on Achilles’ heel”, this myth represent a man who became an heroe during the Trojan war. This myth was very important for the population of the antiquity because this man was an exemple for all of them. The myth of Achille stayed famous but now he can't compete with new heroes like Batman. Batman is a normal human during the day but the night, he become a upholder of the law to arrest all of the criminal in the city thanks to his super powers. This kind of heroes represent an ideal life for children who wants to became the same man. Futhermore, this heroes are represented in book, movie, figurine or cartoons with special effet. Everything is doing for make dreams children and parents
However, there are other myths or modern heroes who have a different rôle, they have the power to mask sometimes a painful reality. Indeed, as we can see in the document « the myth of the good war », The tragedy of the Second World War is forgotten in this myth for the benefit of a heroic side. The myth of the Bad War and the Good War has become very dangerous, insofar as it makes forgotten to the society the harsh reality of numerous soldiers who fought for their homeland. Moreover, the Thanksgiving myth, is a good example to show that one of the essential roles of some myths is to forget a painful past and to reassure the populations.

Indeed, as we can see in the document «  Americans love the Thanksgiving myth. But food folklore masks a painful reality. », this myths should reassure with Americans and their values, It should make them forget their relation with people from other races and cultures because during this day in USA, they celebrate their arrival on the new continent and remember the first common meal of the Pilgrims and the indigenous population while the reality is quite different. Finally, new heroes were born on the Web such as Bob Carey, a generous and brave man, who launches the Tutu Project. As we can see in the video «  The tutu project », when he learns that his wife is suffering from a breast cancer, he decides to put on a pink tutu and to photograph himself all over the world, in places unusual. His first purpose is to allow his wife to keep the spirits up and to face the disease.

I need your help!

Modifié par lucile83 le 22-04-2015 07:09


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